It seems like almost everyday new software or applications are released claiming to be the new product that no job or office should be without. While many seem like a great idea on paper, it is hard to tell which ones are actually worth your time and money to implement.

We will go through our top 5 office essentials, so you can choose the ones you feel are right for you or your business.


1 – Microsoft Office

The daddy of all office productivity suites. Chances are you are already familiar with at least one of the applications, as these have been the most dominant and powerful over the past 20 years. As well as excellent performance, it has a smooth and consistent user interface on all platforms.


2 – Pronestor

This awesome conference room scheduler helps use your office resources more efficiently. Whether it is from your workstation or on your mobile phone, this software allows you to streamline you workflow and reserve meeting rooms, and equipment for video conferencing and such.

It is a very flexible system so usually depending on your business size, you may choose to install it on you own servers or have it hosted in the Cloud.


3 – Google Drive

Google Drive is probably the most popular cloud services thanks to its 15gb of free storage and many, many options to increase on. Not only is it great for businesses but also it’s just as good for home users, which is a huge plus.

Collaboration is also made easy as documents can be created and be worked on by multiple people in real time.


4 – Slack

If your work is very teamwork-centric then Slack is an awesome application to aid communication, for teams of between 3-50 people. It is a great alternative to emails and its powerful built in search allows for a single, unified archive. Sharing files is made very easy, and it also has integration with third-party services (including Google Docs), which is constantly growing.


5 – Freedcamp

Freedcamp is a freemium project management application with a vision to provide most of its functionality for free. Non-profits, teachers and students can even benefit from having paid-for features for free!

This service provides users with many tools and capabilities in order to help them stay organized and foster effective collaboration. Tasks can be assigned to team members, events can be scheduled and there are discussion boards.

People and businesses that want to effectively control their projects and improve their workflow will find it extremely useful.

Whatever your job or business, you will most likely find value in these products. Their seamless integration, even when used together, can really make your work more manageable and productive, without breaking the bank.