How to start an affiliate business website


Affiliate marketing is performance-based marketing where the affiliate is able to earn commission by selling products and services from other companies. It is relatively easy to start your own website providing this service, but this is only the beginning of the journey. We will look into the steps needed to take to get to this point.


Step 1 – Pick a niche you are familiar with and build the website around it

You want to be selling something you are knowledgeable about and have an interest in. That way you will enjoy your work more and it will like less of a chore. Having an interest in what you are selling is more of a motivation and if passed onto customers, gives you a better chance of sealing the deal!

When building the website, affiliate companies will want to know the content of your site and whether or not it is relevant or suitable for their products, as well as if the content on the website could hurt their reputation. One of the easiest website creators is There are many templates available and there is minimal technical know-how required to create a beautiful looking website.


Step 2 – Research and join affiliate programs

Begin researching websites that provide the products or services in your niche. Websites such as Alibaba and Amazon sell almost everything, so it is likely one of your products will be available on these sites. Provide links to these websites and products such as room scheduling software, and earn money from every sale! Remember, it doesn’t have to link to a major website, just as long as it fits your niche. For example, if you have carpentry as a hobby, try driving people to teds woodworking plans and earn money off each person that signs up.


Step 3 – Market and manage your business

Add the affiliate links into your website. When people click on the links, it will lead them to your affiliate partner and if they purchase anything, you’ve earned commission! Place visual ads around your website leading to those affiliate programs mentioned in the previous step.

Stay up-to-date and relevant with your content in order to keep people returning to your site. This is called “content marketing”. The more content you have on your site, the more affiliate links you can put in there, and therefore more chances of selling.

And here we have it, a 3 step guide to how start your own affiliate business website. Creating the site is the easy step, growing and maintain it is the difficult part. However, once your site becomes more popular and well known and you have