One Tip to Smell Like a Boss


Whether you are going on a date, for a job interview or you simply want to present yourself in a boss-like manner, you can choose to implement different tips. Looking sharp is always a great base for presenting yourself in an impressive fashion. But if you want people to know you are a boss, without them necessarily having to look at you, you want to put more senses into play – in particular the sense of smell!

Some people do not care about the way they smell, while others want to smell like money or like a boss. In reality, if you want to smell like a boss – for example, Hugo Boss – there is one simple tip you can use, or actually two. Step one: get yourself a Hugo Boss deodorant. Step two: apply Hugo Boss deodorant.

The smell makes an impact

A good foundation for smelling like a boss is not smelling like anything. If you do not smell like anything, you neither make a positive nor a negative impression on people. Smelling neutral is a good clean canvas for applying a nice scent like Hugo Boss deodorant.

Because, first and foremost, you want to look and smell clean. Before considering the right scent or deodorant, you want to take care of the basics first. No one likes the smell of sweat and perfume mixed together. A real boss showers when he or she is dirty and takes care of his or her own body.

A bossy lifestyle

Being bossy does not necessarily mean that you are mean to other people, but it means that you take charge of your own life. It means taking charge of your own physical and mental health and your happiness. Once that is in place, you can add on a good-smelling Hugo Boss deodorant or any other boss-like scent, to top off your boss image.

In addition to smelling good, you can learn how to better carry yourself in a room. With the right body language in combination with an appealing fragrance, you can come off like a boss with more ease.