The 4 Best Displays on the Market for Businesses


Nowadays, we spend an incredible amount of our day staring at some sort of screen. Be it our mobile phones, tablets, computers or televisions, many of us are almost always attached to a screen at any given time. The quality of these screens have been improving steadily over the past few decades from plasma, to LCD, to OLED screens, which has made it easier on our eyes. However, the amount of time spent looking at screens has increased and we have started to see the physical effects of such prolonged exposure. Headaches and eyesight problems have become more common in users. We will dive in and have a look at the 4 best displays on the market for your business to use.

1) iPhone 11 Pro Max

The top-of-the-line Apple iPhone provides not only one of the most attractive and intuitive systems, but it has an unbelievably clear screen to match. It’s large OLED screen is one of the very best on the market and will allow you to deal with emails and other work related projects that might pop up.

This is an awesome work phone also in part to its long battery life and connectivity option. The screen however, makes it a winner in our eyes. It is so big and clear that you may even opt to do most of your work on it rather than on a tablet or laptop!

2) Pronestor display

If you haven’t heard of Pronestor, well now you will. This company has created one of, if not the best meeting management software on the market. They have excellent hardware and software products to help streamline meeting and room bookings. Their display system for conference rooms gives all the important details about a room’s current use, without the need to interrupt those inside. Especially at a time when social distancing must be observed, the usefulness of this display will only improve.

3) Sony 4K Ultra HD Smart TV

If you’ve ever sat in a conference room and participated in a video conference with laggy internet and a low-quality screen, I bet you would never want to experience that again. No doubt the meeting didn’t run as smoothly as it could have and was far from productive. Enter the new Sony 4K Ultra Smart TV with image quality that is so clear it may actually be difficult to register at first. When combined with a fast internet connection, this TV will enable a video conference to run so smoothly it is as if the other person was in the same room as you.

Not only is this TV great for video conferencing purposes, but presenting to clients on this will leave them extra impressed!

4) Dell Ultrasharp monitor

For those still using desktops, upgrading to a Dell Ultrasharp monitor will likely mean they continue using those a little bit longer. Perfect for those who need to view images or videos in super-high quality, this would be considered an excellent investment to improve your quality of work. However, it’s high price tag means that it should only be used by those who can truly take advantage of its high specs.